Afternoon & Evening Retreat- Creating a Tool for Our Spiritual Journey-Through Medicine Pouch Creation & the Wheel of Life with Special Guest Carmelle Lanteigne

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May 28, 2022

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2:00 pm

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No dAfternoon & Evening Retreat-

Creating a Tool for Our Spiritual Journey- 

Through Medicine Pouch Creation & the Wheel of Life

With Special Guest Carmelle Lanteigne


In Native tradition, a “Medicine Wheel” is the Circle of Life, a Sacred Circle- the creation of a sacred space, in which each individual can do their own healing in a safe and protected environment. We open up a Sacred Circle each week at Safe Haven, holding space for one another. In a Medicine Wheel or Circle of Life, Spirit holds space for us so we can focus on our own process. Using a medicine wheel is a regular occurrence in Native Tradition.

“Everything is interconnected in the Circle of Life, and has an energy. The circle shape is expansive and represents the interconnectivity of all aspects of one’s being. Medicine wheels or Sacred Circles are frequently believed to be the circle of awareness of the individual self; the circle of knowledge that provides the power we each have over our own lives.” (Indegenous Corporate Training Inc).

Native Tradition also includes the empowerment of the person in navigating the circle of life. “To maintain personal harmony which consists of the spiritual, physical and the supernatural, many people choose to wear a medicine pouch…The contents of a medicine pouch will change throughout life as the needs of an individual change. Items of importance to the wearer are placed in the bag such as various herbs. Some of these can be found in nature and the everyday experiences.” (Mission Del Ray, Southwest)

A Medicine pouch is meant to hold whatever you need at any given time- a stone of protection, a crystal of intention, a pendulum for decision-making. The Medicine Pouch is seen as an ally- guided by Spirit to help us throughout our Spiritual journey. The Medicine Pouch will design itself, representing an extension of ourselves. 

Join me in welcoming Carmelle Lanteigne to Safe Haven. She will guide us through a day of reverence, of self-reflection, of self-honouring toward the sprouting of a new life.

The day will flow as follows:


– Opening of Sacred Circle & Background of the Symbolism of the Circle of Life/ Medicine Wheel- calling in Spirit and the elements to support us.

-Medicine Pouch making- Carmelle will walk us through the process of making our own “Medicine Pouch of Empowerment.” Carrying a talisman of intention helps to navigate the world and all it brings us. Every stitch will be like a prayer. The creation of the medicine pouch is guided by the energies of Spirit within the Sacred Circle.

Dinner & Reflective Time


Circle of Fire- To consecrate our Pouches in Ritual

Closing Circle & Final Blessing- Burning ritual as a thank you to the Universe and ourselves.

Price: $97 (Includes all art materials & dinner)

Carmelle has a native heritage and a love of drums for their Divinely connected resonance. Carmelle has a deep sense of intuition. That combined with her compassion for others and desire to help women to see their gifts called her to learn how to access the Akashic Records- a history of all that is. Carmelle helps women to find clarity in their life purpose and its link to their journey by connecting to the Akashic records to extract information for herself as well as others. 

Carmelle has always proudly shared the different facets of her Native Heritage and uses many of the traditions and rituals in her own life. She is  honoured to use the Native Traditions as a way to gather, connect and inspire others. 

Carmelle enjoys gathering people together in ritual and is eager to add to her tribe and teach her passion of Medicine Pouch creation. 


Laurie McMurdo is a Creative at heart and the founder of Safe Haven. She applied her passions in her teaching career of nearly 30 years. Laurie found great joy in the challenge and meaning of creatively finding solutions to her students’ individual learning and developmental needs, honouring their unique essence and guiding them to discover their gifts. 

Laurie’s classroom teaching career ended when Lyme Disease entered her body, and she became an artist born of healing when Lyme went to the brain. All of the art on the Safe Haven web page is Laurie’s. She became acutely aware that there is a deep connection between flow and the healing of the brain and body. As a result, she created a modality called “Creative Mindfulness” to help connect to the unconscious and its truth through the magical gateway of calm in the relationship between mindfulness, creativity & guided questioning. She has worked with many women both personally and in groups to help guide them in accessing their truth to consciously design positive and joyous changes in their life.

Understanding the power of connection to like-minded women, Laurie was called to create a gathering place for women to connect, reflect, find clarity and recharge which she has named Safe Haven. With Laurie’s modality called Creative Mindfulness, art, workshops, consultations, collaborations, and programs, she creates “sanctuary during life’s storms.” Helping women to remember the magic of who they are, helping to guide them to where they want to be, holding space for the connection of like-minded souls, and allowing women to share their gifts with one another is Laurie’s mission at Safe Haven.

Laurie’s art and Creative Mindfulness courses can be found at- and on Instagram, Facebook & Etsy at omcreativebymariel.

To work personally with Laurie, or for inquiry about group classes,  speaking engagements or coming to share your gifts at Safe Haven, reach out to her at:

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  • St-Lazare
  • Quebec
  • Canada

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  • May 28, 2022 2:00 pm
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