Sanctuary Sunday- Ground & Empower Yourself Through Wisdom of your Chakra System with Michele Heuff

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March 13, 2022

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1:00 pm

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Sanctuary Sunday 

“Ground & Empower Yourself Through Wisdom of your Chakra System”

with Special Guest Michele Heuff

March 13, 2022 

Like meridians, chakras are one of the energy systems of the body. “ Chakra” is sanskrit for “Wheel.” Chakras are vortexes of energy that look like a wheel. They spin at a speed and frequency based on human experience in the external world at any given moment. 

Chakras register, store  and process all of our life experiences. There are many layers to our chakras. In general, the outer layer stores our most recent experiences and as you move through the chakra system, the experiences transform and engrain into beliefs,  memories and a sense of self concept. The deepest layers store genetic and inherited info the person brought into this lifetime ie. past lifetime memories. Think of the chakras as flowers.   The roots of the flowers are in the body and the flower itself faces outward. 

Many women have a challenge with the throat chakra- programmed to please others and not speak our truth, we eventually feel blocked, cut off from our truest self.  As a result, we can often literally feel constriction in our throats. This can even lead to illness such as sore throats, colds, strep throat. Energetically we are keeping things in, not communicating our truth.

Our hearts can also respond to events in our lives. As we live our life we experience things. When we are in love, for example, it is the highest vibration. Our heart chakra spins fast. Grief is a slow moving emotion or energy which can feel very heavy in our heart chakra.

We are raising awareness of ourselves when we learn about how our energetic body is affected by not only events in our lives but how we respond to them. Understanding the role that each chakra plays in our response to experiences can help us to ground more deeply in ourselves. We become empowered in our response rather than reactive and vulnerable to events and energies in the world.

Join me in welcoming very special guest Michele Heuff to Safe Haven, where she will share with us her knowledge of chakras and how they help us to navigate the world. 

Come and discover:

-How powerful the chakras are in our lives, and the important role they play in our health and wellbeing. 

-Information about the chakra system, each of the 7 main chakras as well as 2 new bonus chakras (the Earth Star and Stellar Gateway), their characteristics and role they play as well ways we can …?

-How each of the chakras can protect, energize and ground us. 

Physiological, psychological  and spiritual functions of the chakras. 

-Element, colour, & musical note of each chakra,  the area of the body and organs governed by each chakra as well as the qualities associated with each one.

-Sound Healing and meditation for each chakra

-How past life experiences play a role

And as a bonus:

A brief explanation on energy ie – thoughts, emotions – what is energy? 

A brief explanation of the Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies

A brief explanation on our aura – the chakras are part of the energetic grid or aura that supports our health and well being 

 Hosted by Laurie McMurdo  with special guest Michele Heuff at Safe Haven Retreat Center for Women (St Lazare, Quebec, Canada)

Laurie McMurdo is a Creative at heart. Her teaching career allowed her to creatively find solutions to her students’ needs and desires. She continues this through her soul work for women at Safe Haven with her creative mindfulness, art, workshops, consultations, collaborations, and programs. Creating sanctuary during life’s storms is Laurie’s mission so each can find their own inner rainbows.

Michele’s interest in human consciousness and the unique experience we all have on earth began in her early years. In a room full of people she would always find herself drawn to those who had a unique or challenging life story to share and would listen as they shared their story. Michele always felt connected to the “underdog” as she always felt different, an outsider. She has always had a keen sense of what felt right for her, in her body.  An avid learner and researcher, Michele always questioned the validity of info especially when it came to matters of health and well being. As early as her twenties she was devouring books by Deepak Chopra, Edgar Cayce, Shakti Gwain. Driven by this desire to learn about the human consciousness, Michele studied anthropology in university. Fast forward to 2020 – the passing of her father and her beloved dog opened the gates for another step in her awakening & the return to her authentic self. Michele is now a certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master/Teacher, lifelong learner and observer, mother & lover of the Earth. She feels deeply connected to Gaia or Mother Nature. Michele is a warrior of freedom and sovereignty and is here to partner with anyone ready to take her hand. She sees herself as an empowerment coach/guide in the evolution of your human experience.    

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

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  • St-Lazare
  • Quebec
  • Canada

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  • March 13, 2022 1:00 pm
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