Sanctuary “Saturday”- Integrate the Light Frequencies of the 7 Flames of Creation Through the Vibrations of Pure Sound & Crystals with Nancy Fuoco

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May 7, 2022

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12:30 pm

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Sanctuary “Saturday”

May 7, 2022

Integrate the Light Frequencies of the 7 Flames of Creation

Through the Vibrations of Pure Sound and Crystals

with Special Guest Nancy Fuoco

**New Time- 12:30-4:30pm


With each lifetime as we re-emanate from our source, we are born on a different colour or ray of creation. Each ray represents a different sphere of consciousness and different divine qualities or attributes that we must master and integrate. Knowing your initial ray of creation can help you to know yourself better and access your particular spiritual gifts and talents in this lifetime. 

For example, a green ray soul will find their way to being an artist, a scientist or a healer, each of which represents order and beauty in its own way, innovating new ways of being. The yellow ray souls are the teachers or the writers…and the blue flame souls are the natural born leaders, beating the path for the rest of us, which include innovators, presidents & CEOs-leaders in every sphere. 

Accessing our initial flame of creation and the flame we are born in this particular lifetime can often illuminate and inspire us on many levels, deepening our connection to our innate strengths and abilities. The more we connect to our ray of creation, the more easily and abundantly we will express and manifest our life’s purpose.

Come join me in welcoming very special guest Nancy Fuoco, who will introduce us to the Qualities of Higher Consciousness and the “7 Flames of Creation,” through sound healing, meditation and crystals.

During our afternoon we will:

Dive into an understanding of each of the Flames of Creation:

1- Blue Flame of the Will of God – Mastering Faith, Divine Will over personal will, personal motivation and drive.

2- Yellow Flame of Illumination – Balancing mental and emotional intelligence, wisdom,  perception, discernment, integrity & honour.

3- Rose Flame of Cosmic Love – Opening and healing through the fires of the heart – – healing through compassion, generosity, unconditional love, mercy and charity.

4- White Dazzling Flame of Ascension – Flame of Mastery, purity, discipline, grace, principles of highest divine feminine

5- Emerald Green Flame of Healing and Manifestation – Mastering harmony & balance to manifest health & abundance.

6- Flame of Resurrection (a powerful composite flame, colours of a spectacular sunset). This flame resurrects the divine blueprint of creation in all things, and can also help one find their true spiritual path, to see life from a soul-centered perspective

7- Violet Flame of Freedom’s Love – Restoring and expressing Divine Alchemy, transmutation, spirituality as ceremony, experiencing the true liberty of the heart.

Receive an activation of each of these creation flames through the use of:

*Guided meditation

*The frequency of the flame’s corresponding crystals (Nancy will bring some crystals as physical examples)

*Beautiful digital imagery 

*Pure sound vibrations created in a “sound healing concert”

*Vocalizations including Light Language (voice through intuition).

As we bathe in the sounds and frequencies of each Creation Ray, we can accelerate our path of becoming One with the pure consciousness and of All That Is.

This event is in person at Safe Haven.

Nancy Fuoco is an inner harmony wellness therapist, intuitive channel as well as an experienced meditation facilitator. For the last 21 years she has been offering workshops and webinars on the topics of energy integration, emotional wellbeing, crystal therapies & sound healing. 

Since 2014, Nancy has also facilitated spiritual retreats to help women connect to their Inner Healer or Inner Goddess, both in Mt. Shasta, California and in the Laurentians of Quebec. For over two decades, Nancy has pursued studies in Lemurian healing & reconnection, spiritual psychotherapy, sound healing & vocal therapy, rebirthing & crystal healing as well as course in purification & integration of the Seven Sacred Flames. Her passion is also teaching the profound healing force of the Divine Feminine.More information on Nancy’s offerings can be found on her website at:

Laurie McMurdo is a Creative at heart and the founder of Safe Haven. Always fascinated by how a brain’s structure and physiology is affected by and reacts to life experiences, Laurie has a Master’s in Educational Psychology as well as a psychology and teaching degree. She applied her passions in her teaching career of nearly 30 years. Laurie found great joy in the challenge and meaning of creatively finding solutions to her students’ individual learning and developmental needs, honouring their unique essence and guiding them to discover their gifts. 

Laurie’s classroom teaching career ended when Lyme Disease entered her body, and she became an artist born of healing when Lyme went to the brain. All of the art on the Safe Haven web page is Laurie’s. She became acutely aware that there is a deep connection between flow and the healing of the brain and body. 

She created a modality called “Creative Mindfulness” to help connect to the unconscious and its truth through the magical gateway of calm in the relationship between mindfulness, creativity & guided questioning. She has worked with many women both personally and in groups to help guide them in accessing their truth to consciously design positive and joyous changes in their life.

Understanding the power of connection to like-minded women, Laurie was called to create a gathering place for women to connect, reflect, find clarity and recharge which she has named Safe Haven. With Laurie’s modality called Creative Mindfulness, art, workshops, consultations, collaborations, and programs, she creates “sanctuary during life’s storms.” Helping women to remember the magic of who they are, helping to guide them to where they want to be, holding space for the connection of like-minded souls, and allowing women to share their gifts with one another is Laurie’s mission at Safe Haven.

Laurie’s art and Creative Mindfulness courses can be found at- and on Instagram, Facebook & Etsy at omcreativebymariel.

To work personally with Laurie, or for inquiry about group classes and speaking engagements, reach out to her at:


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  • St-Lazare
  • Quebec
  • Canada

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  • May 7, 2022 12:30 pm
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