Sanctuary Sunday-Number Your Year- Call in Your Best Life with Cynthia Lecompte

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January 8, 2023

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1:00 pm

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Sanctuary Sunday

Number Your Year

Call in Your Best Life with Numerology

with Special Guest Cynthia Lecompte

January 8th, 2023


Life is full of uncertainty. We may feel that we don’t have the power to determine what happens in our life at this time in the world. Numerology gives us the clarity to understand what our strengths are, the lessons that we may need to learn in our lives based on our numbers and therefore the ability to harness that information into manifesting power.


The beginning of a year is the perfect time to make clear the challenges we may face, and the “aha moments” that are waiting for us. Each of us has our own personal number which gives us the tone of the year and what we need to focus on to manifest our best life. 


Please welcome a special guest Cynthia Lecompte to Safe Haven where she will help us to lift the veil and shine the light on what our best path to manifestation is. 


As this new year begins:

  • Will you start new projects? 
  • Are you planning to step out of your comfort zone and embark on new adventures? 
  • Are you at the end of a cycle? 
  • Needing clarity about your next steps? 
  • Will you be learning new skills or entering a year of introspection? 
  • Are you coming out of a year of completion and starting a year of new beginnings? 
  • Are there changes to your career on the horizon? 
  • Are you on a path of success or harnessing the fruits of your labor? 


Cynthia will help us to set ourselves up for joy, for success and for the life that we want most.


About Cynthia- As a health and wellness coach and consultant, Cynthia has 20 years of expert practice working with clients from all walks of life, as well as a diverse educational background as a holistic health coach, certified Kinesiologist (B.Sc.), numerologist, energy worker and bioenergetics practitioner.

She hosted a podcast series featuring head figures and masters in the wellness field. She has developed her own methods in what she calls “Transformational Journeying.” Her methods include but are not limited to: coaching, exercise and lifestyle program design, numerology readings, energy medicine treatments and guided meditation.

 Cynthia has been passionate about exploring and experiencing all the different facets and modalities that encompass the true meaning and expression of wellness, fulfillment and personal freedom!


Laurie is a creative at heart. Her teaching career allowed her to creatively find solutions to her students’ needs and desires. She was called to continue this soul work founding Safe Haven, a gathering place for women to relax, renew, and be reminded of the magic of who they are. With her creative mindfulness art, workshops, consultations, collaborations, and programs, creating sanctuary for women during life’s storms is Laurie’s mission so each can connect to their own rainbow.

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Event Location:

  • St-Lazare
  • Quebec
  • Canada

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  • January 8, 2023 1:00 pm
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