1/2 Day Retreat- Spring Equinox- Grounding to Sprout Up Regenerated & Renewed

Event Date:

March 20, 2022

Event Time:

10:30 am

Event Location:


1/2 Day Retreat at Safe Haven-

Spring Equinox – Grounding to Sprout up Regenerated & Renewed

with Laurie McMurdo (Safe Haven Forest) and Sheila Bicknell (BlueWater Oracle)

at Safe Haven (also available via zoom if you so choose)

Sunday March 20th 10:30 am to 4 pm


Normally we look to Winter to be a time of rest and recuperation, and a preparation of new growth as Spring approaches and the world re-awakens. Many people didn’t feel the opportunity to rest and recuperate this winter because of the state of the world. The change of season this year thus requires us to reinforce our recuperation with grounding. From there we can reconnect with ourselves and the Earth, allowing us to embrace the renewal Spring will bring, and the regeneration we so deeply need for ourselves and our spirit. 

Join Laurie McMurdo and Sheila Bicknell – BlueWater Oracle – intuitive card reader, for the first Safe Haven half day retreat on Sunday March 20th “Grounding to Sprout up Regenerated & Renewed”. 

With meditation, intuitive card readings, fellowship, connection with like-minded women, yummy food (lunch and snacks will be provided), grounding techniques and regeneration tools as well as the creative mindfulness process we will guide you to bring Sanctuary and Springtime into your essence and your energy.

This event is in-person at Safe Haven or online if you prefer. 

Ticket price is $87 CAD in-person or $62 CAD via Zoom with additional donations being graciously accepted. 

In-person spaces are limited – Zoom option is available for this event. 

**Note- if joining via Zoom, after your registration, please send an email to Laurie at safehavenforest@gmail.com for the Zoom link to attend.

Please inform Laurie of any food allergies you may have. You are welcome to bring your own food if you prefer. 


Participants should bring:

Your favourite pen

Your favourite journal for notes

You are welcome to bring your own food if you prefer. 

(If joining via Zoom then paper, also please bring art supplies to colour with and a black marker, Candle and something to light it)



Hosted by Laurie McMurdo – safehavenforest@gmail.com

& Sheila Bicknell – bluewater100@gmail.com

at Safe Haven Retreat Center for Women

 (St Lazare, Quebec, Canada)



Laurie McMurdo is a creative at heart. Her teaching career allowed her to creatively find solutions to her students’ needs and desires. She continues this through her soul work for women at Safe Haven with her creative mindfulness art, workshops, consultations, collaborations, and programs. Creating sanctuary during life’s storms is Laurie’s mission so each can find their own rainbows.


Sheila Bicknell, BlueWater Oracle, is an Oracle, Intuitive, and Card Reader. She loves to work with oracle cards, tarot cards, and psychic intuitive connection. Her readings, consultations, and events bring intuitive wisdom and guidance to get to the heart & depth of what matters and what you most need to know, in the here and now. 

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
  • St-Lazare
  • Quebec
  • Canada

Event Details

  • March 20, 2022 10:30 am
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