Sanctuary Sunday-Harnessing Your Gifts To Design Your Best Life Through Personal Birth Charts With Special Guest Kaitlyn Ramsay

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May 15, 2022

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12:30 pm

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Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

Harnessing Your Gifts To Design Your Best Life

Through Personal Birth Charts

With Special Guest Kaitlyn Ramsay


Themes of the eclipses run in 18 mos cycles. We are now in the beginning of a new cycle. This is a reflective time- not time to take the action but to plan and reflect & design going forward. New insights may be illuminated. This is a time of excavating, of letting go of old stories and limiting beliefs that are holding us back from designing our life, to allow for healing. New insights from this process can allow for synchronicities and feeling like opportunities for growth are on the horizon, causing us to re-evaluate our priorities and make decisions about the focus of our attention. We can transmute the old stories and choose the gems to take into our next life, those that still serve us in our evolution. By the same token, the gems (our strengths as well as our weaknesses) from our past lives become our gifts to the world based on our essence. 


A Birth Chart is unique to each of us, as unique as a fingerprint. It is the fingerprint of our soul, and can help us to understand ourselves. Birth Chart information can give us the affirmation that we are following our life path exactly as we should. There are no mistakes in life. Every experience is a lesson that brings us closer to our truest selves.


Join me in welcoming Kaitlyn Ramsay, an Astrologer Life Coach, who will explain the collective energies of the eclipse to help us to better understand the climate of change we are experiencing and how we can best harness that energy for our own evolution as well as for the greater good. Kaitlyn will then share individual mini Birth Chart readings to help shed some light on the unique gifts we carry and how we can best manifest them in our lives. She will also help us to understand  the areas in our lives, based on our birth chart, where we may experience change, where we may be going and the best path to get there,


Laurie will also walk us through the process of creating our own “Fingerprint Garden”- an artistic representation of our evolutionary growth which is tied to our gifts. The gifts that we carry, connecting the journey of our past into our future, becomes our “shortcut to enlightenment”- the connection between our essence, our innate gifts, how our gifts can show up in the world, and the development of our soul. The synergy between our Birth Chart information and our Intuitive Fingerprint Garden can bring forth some truths that may have been dormant within us, as well as the limiting beliefs we want to release. This then allows for clarity of the life we want to design and mantras, or permissions and affirmations to help us along our path.


Kaitlyn Ramsay is an Astrologer and Coach who guides women back to their true selves by creating a safe space for them to explore their inner wisdom and to cultivate self-trust, allowing them to feel confident in creating a life they love. 


She is passionate about helping women build their dream life led by intuition over logic and other people’s expectations because she once lived life on the terms of others, too. 


She was once found climbing the corporate ladder in her home country, Canada, until her life shattered in front of her eyes. This led her to quit her job, sell her belongings, and to book a one way ticket to Australia. She has since been living in Thailand where she has lost and found herself more than once thanks to chronic health issues, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. 

After hitting rock bottom time and time again, she finally reclaimed her power through astrology and started honouring her spiritual gifts to move forward into a life worth living – something she is now helping others do as well. 

Kaitlyn is a certified astrologer through the Rebecca Gordon Astrology School as well as a graduate of the Debra Silverman Applied Astrology program. She has earned her Health and Life Coaching certification through the Health Coach Institute, where she is now studying to become a mastery level coach.

Laurie’s classroom teaching career ended when Lyme Disease entered her body, and she became an artist born of healing when Lyme went to the brain. All of the art on the Safe Haven web page is Laurie’s. She became acutely aware that there is a deep connection between flow and the healing of the brain and body. 

She created a modality called “Creative Mindfulness” to help connect to the unconscious and its truth through the magical gateway of calm in the relationship between mindfulness, creativity & guided questioning. She has worked with many women both personally and in groups to help guide them in accessing their truth to consciously design positive and joyous changes in their life.

Understanding the power of connection to like-minded women, Laurie was called to create a gathering place for women to connect, reflect, find clarity and recharge which she has named Safe Haven. With Laurie’s modality called Creative Mindfulness, art, workshops, consultations, collaborations, and programs, she creates “sanctuary during life’s storms.” Helping women to remember the magic of who they are, helping to guide them to where they want to be, holding space for the connection of like-minded souls, and allowing women to share their gifts with one another is Laurie’s mission at Safe Haven.

Laurie’s art and Creative Mindfulness courses can be found at- and on Instagram, Facebook & Etsy at omcreativebymariel.

To work personally with Laurie, or for inquiry about group classes and speaking engagements, reach out to her at:



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Event Location:

  • St-Lazare
  • Quebec
  • Canada

Event Details

  • May 15, 2022 12:30 pm
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