Sanctuary Sunday-Invite Joy & Abundance into Your Life- Through the Power & Mystery of Crystal Grids with Special Guest Vanessa Muri

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July 31, 2022

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12:30 pm

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Sanctuary Sunday

Delve into the Mysteries and Benefits of Crystals

Invite Joy and Abundance into Your Life

Through Grid Work

with Special Guest Vanessa Muri


Alchemical fire is at the heart of the process of transformation that solids, liquids and even gases undergo to become these incredible treasures from Mother Nature called Crystals. 


Crystals, gems and rocks are ancient and may be the oldest form of consciousness on the Earth. Crystals have witnessed everything; their wisdom is timeless. They have many gifts to offer us, but their greatest medicine is that of transformation. They can support us and help us on our healing and awakening journeys.


What can crystals do? 

~ Amplify energy, hold & reflect light, share wisdom.

~ Promote the body’s natural self-healing abilities by encouraging relaxation.

~ Balance the mental-emotional bodies & increase self- awareness

~ Encourage creativity & unlock intuition

~ Work on the energetic level to help heal disease 

~ Aid transformation, draw out fears & blockages, giving the body space to heal


Crystal Energy Workshop


Join me in welcoming special guest Vanessa Muiri to Safe Haven. Vanessa will help us to understand the benefits, possibilities & joys of working with crystals. This hands-on workshop includes:


~ An introduction to crystals including the most common stones, their properties and how to use them in your everyday life.


~ How to choose, cleanse, charge and work with crystals, including grids, medicine bags and gem elixirs.


~ The ethical and environmental considerations to keep in mind when buying crystals. 


~ A guided meditation experience with crystal energy.


~ Creation of your own crystal grid for attracting joy and abundance. 


~ A 12-piece crystal kit will be available to use at the event at no extra cost (which can be purchased for $25 if you so choose, for your future energetic work.

Vanessa Muri’s passion for health and wellness began in 2000 after a profound trip to Australia where she immersed herself in natural healing. After her first yoga class, she was hooked! She’d found not just a new vitality but a new way of living. Vanessa became a 250-certified Yoga Teacher in 2007 and has taken numerous workshops and trainings since. 


Yoga was the gateway to other holistic modalities, and Vanessa’s interests expanded to include over 400 hours of study in nutrition, energy healing, herbology and crystal therapy, among others. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social work and is in the process of forming a women’s circle in Montreal.


A powerful session with her Reiki Master Teacher in 2016 led Vanessa to learn and practice all levels of Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki. In 2019 she had the honour of studying Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® with the head of this lineage, William Lee Rand. She is also a practitioner of Soul Mending™, a powerful method of soul retrieval that guides you to the root of your fears and heals past traumas and memories.


Vanessa currently offers classes and workshops in reiki, crystal therapy and soul mending. She can be reached via her website


Laurie McMurdo is a Creative at heart and the founder of Safe Haven. Always fascinated by how a brain’s structure and physiology is affected by and reacts to life experiences, Laurie has a Master’s in Educational Psychology as well as a psychology and teaching degree. She applied her passions in her teaching career of nearly 30 years. Laurie found great joy in the challenge and meaning of creatively finding solutions to her students’ individual learning and developmental needs, honouring their unique essence and guiding them to discover their gifts. 


Laurie’s classroom teaching career ended when Lyme Disease entered her body, and she became an artist born of healing when Lyme went to the brain. All of the art on the Safe Haven web page is Laurie’s. She became acutely aware that there is a deep connection between flow and the healing of the brain and body. 


She created a modality called “Creative Mindfulness” to help connect to the unconscious and its truth through the magical gateway of calm in the relationship between mindfulness, creativity & guided questioning. Laurie is also certified in hypnotherapy with the American College of Hypnotherapy. She has worked with many women both personally and in groups to help guide them in accessing their truth to consciously design positive and joyous changes in their life.


Understanding the power of connection to like-minded women, Laurie was called to create a gathering place for women to connect, reflect, find clarity and recharge which she has named Safe Haven. With Laurie’s modality called Creative Mindfulness, art, workshops, consultations, collaborations, and programs, she creates “sanctuary during life’s storms.” Helping women to remember the magic of who they are, helping to guide them to where they want to be, holding space for the connection of like-minded souls, and allowing women to share their gifts with one another is Laurie’s mission at Safe Haven.


Laurie’s art and Creative Mindfulness courses can be found at- and on Instagram, Facebook & Etsy at omcreativebymariel.

To work personally with Laurie, or for inquiry about group classes and speaking engagements, reach out to her at:


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  • St-Lazare
  • Quebec
  • Canada

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  • July 31, 2022 12:30 pm
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