Safe Haven’s First Birthday Party!

Event Date:

September 11, 2022

Event Time:

1:00 pm

Event Location:

St Lazare

Safe Haven’s First Birthday Party!

Sun Sept 11th- 1-4pm

Drop In Anytime Between 1-4pm

All Are Welcome (Even those of you new to Safe Haven)


“Magic Ladies”offering Mini Sessions

to Thank You

for helping to create our beautiful community of women


It is with great joy that I invite you to Safe Haven’s First Birthday Party! So grateful for this beautiful community of women that you all helped to create! So grateful for all of the Magic Ladies who have shared their talent on Sanctuary Sundays and other wonderful events. 

Safe Haven was a dream for a long time, and I am so thrilled that we are rounding the first year mark of connection & community.

And ever so grateful to be here, able to share and create and offer love and connection to all of you.

Come join us for a special Happy Birthday Party for Safe Haven- Wonderful Magic Ladies are coming to offer mini sessions as a thank you to all of you.

Sanna Boughalem- will offer Henna Art Tattoos

Sheila Bicknell (BlueWater Oracle)– will offer Oracle Card Readings

Marina Cher from Centre Reiki Montreal– will offer Reiki

Alexandra Dimitrovici– will offer Tarot readings

Carmelle Lanteigne– will offer drum healing

Andrea Muhlebach from ReflexOasis – will offer reflexology

This event is FREE and Donations are graciously accepted.

*Event is outside, but will be indoors if weather dicates.

Please bring your own lawnchair.

Birthday goodies will be served along with coffee & tea

An exact address will be shared once you have registered.




About Sanna Boughalem-

Ever since she was a little girl, henna has been a part of Sanaa’s life.  She lost her connection with it over the years but has reconnected with it recently.  It has become a hobby for Sanaa in which she explores her artistic abilities while creating beauty.  Henna has long been used for beautifying and increasing the appeal and worth of the body.  It is one of the safest and most popular forms of body art.  Sanaa only uses organic and natural henna for a safe and beautiful application.

About Sheila Bicknell (BlueWater Oracle)- 

Sheila Bicknell, BlueWater Oracle, is an Oracle, Intuitive, and Card Reader. She loves to work with oracle cards, tarot cards, and psychic intuitive connection. Her readings, consultations, and events bring intuitive wisdom and guidance to get to the heart & depth of what matters and what you most need to know, in the here and now. 

Sheila reads what is written on the web of divine wisdom, highest self knowing, spiritual guidance, and the soul journey. She balances all of these with the human life perspective and needs so you can get the most out of your moments of experience, growth, and your choices without having to wade through the muck and your own uncertainty. Clear the chaos, receive guidance, see the vision, be in balance, and step forward, all towards living your fullest, most connected, and deeply satisfying life. 

About Marina Cher from Centre Reiki Montreal-

Marina’s mission is to help everyone find their own sense of harmony, understanding and gratitude.  And it’s all thanks to the Divine Energy flowing through her. Marina went through her own time of darkness, and although the road was not easy, she has been transformed. She has learned to  live in the moment here and now and it’s beautiful.  She has connected deeply with the Divine & is now able to share that connection with others.
Marina has received a Master’s Degree of Reiki. She is an IET Teacher and a certified Naturopath with the AQTN Association.
Maria hopes to  awaken Divine love and light in everyone’s heart, to promote the spiritual, mental and physical well-being, & to help to strengthen the vibration of the planet for the sake of universal peace.

About Alexandra Dimitrovici-

As a trained Intuitive Life & Matrescence Coach, Alex provides a safe space for overwhelmed mothers to process their emotions and sort out their mental chaos so they can reconnect with their intuition, be grounded and confident moving forward. She uses a unique blend of traditional coaching and intuitive tarot and oracle readings to aid her clients in identifying blocks and next steps in their healing journey.

Lover of all things unseen, Alex is passionate about intuition, energy work, spirituality and the soul’s journey. She believes that motherhood acts as a portal to spiritual awakening and is driven by the hope to inspire fellow mothers to see the sacredness in their everyday life.


About Carmelle Lanteigne-

Carmelle has a native heritage and a love of drums and the Divinely connected resonance they have. She is eager to add to her tribe and teach her passion of drumming. She connects to the Akashic records where she is able to extract information for herself as well as others. Carmelle enjoys gathering people together in ritual and is looking forward to sharing drumming with us.


About Andrea Muhlebach from ReflexOasis-

Before diving into the field of complementary medicine as a Reflexologist, Andrea worked as a certified translator and journalist. She has always had a keen interest in natural and complementary health methods, wrote, compiled and translated a book on medicinal herbs and produced her own line of herbal teas before training as a reflexologist with some of the best and leaders in the field.

Andrea became certified in both Foot and Hand Reflexology with Carol Faguy with the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC) in 2009, and went on to specialize in Cranio-Sacral Reflexology with Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson of the Cranial Sacral Reflexology International Academy, MCSRI, of the UK (2012). She trained in Thai Reflexology with Karen Ball of the Academy of Ancient Reflexology (USA), as well as in Padabhyanga with Farida Irani of Subtle Energies (AUS). She has also had the privilege of training with Hanne Marquardt, a German pioneer in “foot zone massage”. Andrea is a professional member of RAC (RCRT), MCSRI, and the Association des Nathurothérapeutes du Québec (ANQ). Andrea is trained in various reflexology modalities and specializes in Cranio-Sacral reflexology.

Andrea firmly believes that when you take care of your feet – you’re feet will take care of you!


About Laurie McMurdo-

Laurie is a creative at heart. Her teaching career allowed her to creatively find solutions to her students’ needs and desires. She was called to continue this soul work by founding Safe Haven, a gathering place for women to relax, renew, and be reminded of the magic of who they are. With her creative mindfulness art, workshops, consultations, collaborations, and programs, creating sanctuary for women during life’s storms is Laurie’s mission so each can connect to their own rainbow.


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
  • St Lazare
  • Quebec
  • Canada

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  • September 11, 2022 1:00 pm
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