Sanctuary Sunday-Shift From “Where I Am” to “Where I Want to Be” with Special Guest Dr Barbara Morris Jensen

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April 10, 2022

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1:00 pm

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Sanctuary Sunday

April 10, 2022

 Shift From Where I am to Where I Want to Be

Through “5 Steps to Change & the Wheel of Life”

With Special Guest Barbara Morris Jensen, PsyD


Imagine being able to tap into your true self, unlock your goddess, and harness your power. By learning how to rewire outdated mental patterns, you can become the master over your thoughts and emotions, and make conscious choices that support you in living a true and authentic life.


Come join me in welcoming special guest Dr. Barbara Morris Jensen to Safe Haven where she will guide us to understand what it is that the subconscious mind would like us to know, ways to remove blocks, and open the door to live life as the goddess we were born to be. 


Together we will explore:

5 Steps of Change– Clarity & Understanding how change happens 

Wheel of Life– Identify the gap between where you are to where we want to be, and the steps to cross the bridge 

Future Self Meditation– Connect with your future self and listen to the magic she has to share that can guide you toward that goddess life you want to be living. 


Hosted by Laurie McMurdo  with special guest Dr Barbara Morris Jensen at Safe Haven Retreat Center for Women (St Lazare, Quebec, Canada).

Barbara lives in California and will be piped in remotely, but we will gather together at Safe Haven for the event, in order to feel the connection to each other and the power of like-minded women in a strong circle of support.

Tickets via zoom are also available.

Barbara Morris Jensen mindfully embraces spirit, mind, heart, and body. Intentionally she lives with an open heart, and remains in gratitude for the people with whom she connects. Through her own personal experiences and as a psychologist she has discovered the path to live freely and peacefully in mind and heart. Her fulfillment in life comes from using her spiritual alchemy to guide others in her clinical practice, workshops, and online courses, to recognize and reclaim the truth of who they are through awareness and insight of the deep roots of pain and suffering, while showing them the way to transform those experiences into meaningful soul seated learnings, and living a purposed life.

Laurie McMurdo is a Creative at heart and the founder of Safe Haven. Always fascinated by how a brain’s structure and physiology is affected by and reacts to life experiences, Laurie has a Master’s in Educational Psychology as well as a psychology and teaching degree. She applied her passions in her teaching career of nearly 30 years. Laurie found great joy in the challenge and meaning of creatively finding solutions to her students’ individual learning and developmental needs, honouring their unique essence and guiding them to discover their gifts. 

Laurie’s classroom teaching career ended when Lyme Disease entered her body, and she became an artist born of healing when Lyme went to the brain. All of the art on the Safe Haven web page is Laurie’s. She became acutely aware that there is a deep connection between flow and the healing of the brain and body. 

She created a modality called “Creative Mindfulness” to help connect to the unconscious and its truth through the magical gateway of calm in the relationship between mindfulness, creativity & guided questioning. She has worked with many women both personally and in groups to help guide them in accessing their truth to consciously design positive and joyous changes in their life.

Understanding the power of connection to like-minded women, Laurie was called to create a gathering place for women to connect, reflect, find clarity and recharge which she has named Safe Haven. With Laurie’s modality called Creative Mindfulness, art, workshops, consultations, collaborations, and programs, she creates “sanctuary during life’s storms.” Helping women to remember the magic of who they are, helping to guide them to where they want to be, holding space for the connection of like-minded souls, and allowing women to share their gifts with one another is Laurie’s mission at Safe Haven.

Laurie’s art and Creative Mindfulness courses can be found at- and on Instagram, Facebook & Etsy at omcreativebymariel.

To work personally with Laurie, or for inquiry about group classes and speaking engagements, reach out to her at:

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Location:

  • St-Lazare
  • Quebec
  • Canada

Event Details

  • April 10, 2022 1:00 pm
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